Why Your Website’s Written Content Matters

Lots of small business owners put up a website and forget about it. For the most part it’s a time issue – you’re busy running your business, and your website is a low priority. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to tech companies or online businesses, but for many businesses, the website exists but isn’t updated regularly.

While having a website is great for visibility – allowing potential customers to discover you – that will only take you so far.

Good design and functionality are so important, but don’t forget about the written content. The text is what search engines scan for, so the more relevant written content you have the better your chances are of appearing higher on search results.

5 Reasons to Update Your Website’s Text

  1. Organic SEO – While your web developer can embed some keywords into your website, organic SEO is important for improving your ranking on search engines. Google updates its algorithms frequently, so its important to give your content a refresh every so often.
  2. Update Your Customers – It’s important to review your website often to make sure it reflects your current products and/or services. You might have old business hours listed, outdated pricing and other inaccuracies.
  3. Add a BlogAdding a blog to your website gives you more opportunities to improve your SEO. Blogs can also educate your audience, providing useful information that ties back to your business. If you own an accounting firm, you could add blogs with tax tips. If you own a housewares store, you could have blogs about seasonal decor trends, etc.
  4. It Shows You Care – When you regularly update your blog it shows your customers that you’re engaged and involved. You care about your brand and want to keep it current.
  5. Aim for Quality – You should update your written content to reflect your business. The text shouldn’t just be for SEO, but should be useful to your customers, too. The keywords should seem natural and flow well with the text.

Hire a professional writer to revamp the written content on your website. I can take your existing text and improve it, or start from scratch. You want your website to work for you- not against you. Whether you just have a landing page and contact page or a full multi-functional website, the text matters, so give it a refresh.

Contact me today to get started!

Published by Allison Webster

Professional writer and blogger from Canada

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