5 types of written content and how it can help you

When it comes to self-promotion, marketing, advertising and branding, everyone wants attractive visuals. Yes, aesthetics matter, but don’t let the text become an afterthought. Your best strategy is to have a good mix of pictures and written content to generate interest, drive traffic and grow your business.

Here are five types of written content you can use to help grow your brand:

  1. Website – I personally believe that in 2020 every business should have a website – even if it’s just a simple landing page. Your website makes it easier for people to find you via search. By having a professional writer add SEO-friendly content that’s educational, informative and in line with your company’s values, you’re increasing your chances of being discovered.
  2. Blog – Your blog can be a page on your website or a separate entity, but it’s probably more useful as part of your website for SEO reasons. In order to stay relevant and to keep your business at the top of Google search results you need to be updating your website regularly. By posting regular blogs, you’re keeping your website active using keywords that people searching for your type of business would use.
  3. Articles – When looking at how to spend your advertising dollars, consider a content marketing program that includes sponsored articles, digital ads and social posts. Sponsored articles can introduce your business to a broad, but local audience. Bigger media companies have a wider reach than your network.
  4. Social Posts – While social media posts should have pictures, the text is crucial. The written captions often include a call to action to tell your audience important information about your business. While it might seem simple, having a professional writer produce your social posts ensures that the message is clear, grammatically correct and engaging.
  5. Promotional Materials – While most written content is online these days, many businesses still use a mix of digital and traditional media. It’s a good idea to have your promotional materials professionally written or at least re-worked and proofed. Using the same writer for all your written content keeps things consistent.

The bottom line is there is value in having professionally written content for your business. If you’re looking for more reasons, check out my previous blog: 5 reasons to hire a professional¬†writer.

I’m a professional writer with 10+ years of experience. I recently set up a blog for a charity that is near and dear to my heart – The Burlington Terry Fox Run (the local committee that hosts the run in my community). Please check it out, as it’s an excellent example of what I can do for you.

Thank you so much!

Published by Allison Webster

Professional writer and blogger from Canada

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